Adoptable Dogs

"Lyla" Daschund/Chihuahua



Meet Lyla, she is a ball full of engery! LOVES other dogs to run around and play with (see video) She will play non-stop. So she does need a backyard and a playmate these are requirements for her perect fit. An active family or couple would be great! She will go everywhere hikes, beach, camping and not tire of playing. Loves to give kisses and attention to you. VERY affectionate!!! she was very shy when she arrived but now she is all over you with affectionate. She is a beautiful little girl!!!

2 years - 12 lbs

"Maui" Spaniel/Terrier/shepherd mix - Male


5 years - 22 lbs

Maui is an adorable 22 pound mix maybe some terrier maybe shepherd maybe some lab it's hard to say but he's an adorable black little love bug he's a special-needs. he is a paraplegic and has a cart and other items that go with him as you can see in the video he is still very mobile and loves to play he's very active and needs an active family he's full of love to give and had a really bad start and a neglectful previous owner who let this happen to him and let it go. will you be at fresh start for him?
We can assist in the training and assimilation of him into the right home. 

"Betty"Chihuahua - female




10 years old- 7 lbs

Betty is a sweet older 8 lb little senior Chihuahua about 10 yrs old who loves being brushed and petted. She loves to cuddle. She loves to curl up in blankets or in a doggie bed and at bedtime she rushes to the bedroom to get her favorite spot which is a fluffy blanket she curls up in. She loves to eat so you have to make sure not to over feed her. I have to guard the other dogs bowls until they are done; she then checks to make sure every morsel is eaten.
She is very vocal when she thinks it is her mealtime or when she wants to sleep in your lap and in greeting you when you come home. She is house trained but you need to remember to let her out regularly. Betty loves everyone - even the cat.

"Sophie" Chihuahua/Doxy X - female



3 years old- 10 lbs

Sophie is a three-year-old Chihuahua mix we think dachshund but not sure. She is very sweet and loving with her humans she definitely loves to be on your lap and cuddle with you under the covers when you sleep. 
 Sophie is very used to being carried around like a baby so she is not really great on the leash she would definitely need help with that if you were to take her on walks.  She is amazing in the car, gets comfortable in the backseat and enjoys the drive.   We’re working on potty training, she is responding well with treat rewards! 
 She has done well with kids however if they continue to bug her she will growl, she just seems to give warnings.  If she sees a bird, she will bark and scratch to try and go get it ( but she hasn’t won yet!). Introducing her to my dog was tough the first night, she did a lot of growling when he came near her, but by the next day she realize that he wasn’t going to hurt her. She settled down easily and now they get along great!!  But her bark and growl is pretty intense, so my dog (who’s a big scaredy-cat) can hang with her but is afraid to play with her. She might be better being the only dog and she loves all the attention! She loves loves loves her toys and and especially enjoys playing tug-of-war! And fetch… But when she’s not playing she just wants to sit by your side and cuddle. 


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"Bogart" Fox Terrier/Jack Russell X - male




15 years old- 15 lbs

Bogart is a sweet senior.  He was dumpted by his owners because 
they didn't have time for him" (after having him for 15 years!!!)  He is going blind slowly but has no problem getting around in the house or backyard. He loves the backyard and getting brushed.  He is very easy going with other dogs and even gets along with my cat.  Loves to walk but doesn’t always want to go back home.  While on a walk he is very busy taking in all the smells.  


"Gigi" Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua X - female



10 years old- 12 lbs

Gigi was adopted out by our rescue 8 years ago then her famiy moved out of state and gave her back to us :(

She is sweet and mellow and loves lots of attention. Does good w/other small dogs but absolutely loves to be on your lap and follow you around. She is such a great dog and needs a fur-ever home 

"Lorraine" Chihuahua x - female




Lorraine is the sweetest little senior. When she first came to our rescue she was shy and nervous. Her transformation has been amazing... she loves to relax, cuddle, and be held. She also enjoys exploring her surroundings. If you are looking for a calm cuddle bug, you should meet Lorraine! A calm adult home would be perfect for her

12 years old- 6 lbs


"Chloe" Malti-Poo - female

youtube video



7 yrs old- 6 lbs

Chloe, a little 6 lb  Maltese and about 6 years old.  She is a sweetheart once she trusts you; She was dumped on the streets because the family that adopted her from our rescue 3 years ago decided they didn't want her anymore but rather than contacting us they dumped her on the streets where she was picked up by animal control and brought into the public shelter. In this horrible home she learned to MISTRUST people. We think she was definatley abused as she is missing her front teeth.   Because of this she needs a home where she is the only dog with adults only.  She does get along with other low energy dogs.  She is house trained; she barks when she wants to go outside.  She also prefers to sleep in a crate with a big stuffed pillow and toy at night.  She’s been in my home for a couple of weeks now and is displaying her playfulness.  She gets excited about squeaky toys and loves to play tug-a-war.  She and the foster moms Shi Tzu  love playing tug-a-war and she is trying to play with the other dogs.  When I come home from the store she barks and dances around so excited that I’m back.  She loves to be brushed and liked to be petted or get scratches. She has some trust issues at first until she bonds with the new owner. 



"Gary" Chihuahua - Male

8 yrs old - 8 lbs

Gary came to Open Arms Rescue after a rescuer in Tijuana called us asking if we could help this little soul. He wound up at our vet in Mexico in critical condition. He was covered in lesions, injuries, infections and ticks, as well as having a badly broken foot. The vet didn't know if he would make it. Well a few months later and he is healthy and happy in a foster home in San Diego
The vet was able to mend all of his injuries and wound up removing hundreds of ticks from his tiny body. He had extensive surgery on his foot, including the insertion of pins. The pins have been removed and he is now ready for his forever home. He walks, jumps and runs normal.

"Opi" Chihuahua - Male

1 yr old - 5 lbs

Meet Opi (short for Opossum because he has a cute little long snout w/an underbite like a Opossum)!
We rescued him in the last hour at a high kill shelter up north. They were going to put him to sleep because he had a cold! So we scrambled to get a person in the last hour to go to this shelter in the pouring rain in horrible traffic conditions and just made it as they won't hold the dogs even if a rescue is in route! We brought him back to our rescue and nursed him back to health. He spent a week at the vet because of his bad bad doggy cold. This was a couple months ago so now he has put on weight, and it totally healthy and super playful. LOVES other dogs Must go to a home with another dog because he loves to play see video youtube.

His adoption fee through our rescue covers him being fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered. To learn more about adopting this sweet little boy, please go to our site at There is also an online application on the home page